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Monday, May 2, 2016


Somehow mouse blinked and it's now May! Seriously, 3016 is nearly half finished. At least we survived Passover.

We have a timeline, in early July the movers will arrive and empty the house. It's been scheduled so it happens regardless if the lake house is ready or not. Lucy and Schroeder will go down with us, driving the extra vehicle and help mouse get organized. Schroeder will also make sure the piano makes the trip safely and is properly moved.

Daddy's been assured the bulk of the work will be completed by then, but there's a pressing issue. Daddy has already leased our house, so it must happen regardless. As if mouse's nerves weren't already shot. Moving is stressful. All the things we have already in the lake house have been moved out and into storage until we get there (this would have happened anyway because of constriction). Daddy would like that emptied by August, but he said he's flexible.

Work took the news well, probably questioning mouse's sanity too, and offered to let mouse stay on until end of May.

Aside from moments where mouse tilted at windmills, things are ok. The area school are small but really highly rated -- there's also a school bus,that will pick up at our house. Also, the area has almost everything we have here (on a smaller scale). The local PTA has even reached out to us, to welcome us to the area and has already put us on the email list for information about summer programs.

There's a lot of excitement, there's also a lot of hesitation in mouse. In fact, mouse was punished recently for not expressing all her fears or maybe concerns is a better word. Daddy wasn't happy to learn they were a bigger issue than mouse has led him to think. Feeling isolated might prove to be too much. Eventually the novelty of the lake life will wear off, then what?

Instead of dealing with those concerns, mouse ignored them until they just bubbled out during a stress argument. The pre-packing set off a chain reaction in mouse, coupled with a delivery of 100 boxes and huge rolls of bubble wrap. Some are already being filled with things seldomed used (like books, photo albums). The movers will pack up the truly delicate items, but the rest is on us.

The reality is unsettling, so when mouse had a little blowout, Daddy was rightfully annoyed. Not that she doesn't have the right, it's just something Daddy wanted to discuss earlier, and mouse assured him it wouldn't be an issue. "Why are submissive women so fickle?" Now a few weeks into this, she's having a panic attack over it. Yes, punishment. Yes it was difficult and painful but a lesson was learned.


Roz said...

Hi Mouse, I'm sorry you were punished. Moving is so stressful and this is a huge move. It's natural that along with the excitement you would have some concerns. Just make sure you share those concerns with Omega.

The school set up sounds great and it's wonderful that the PTA have been so welcoming. I have a feeling you will enjoy it there :)


Anonymous said...

Moving is always stressful.... So don't be too hard on yourself. Also, I find that fears tend to manifest when one is faced with the physical evidence of s decision. Just my thoughts


monkey girl said...

my 2cents mouse.
I have moved approx. 5 times with the girls.
my therapist says moving is up there with divorce as for stress level.
and trust me when I say H wasn't all that helpful. Oh we had movers, but he was usually overseas, and I had 2 little girls to look after as well as 4-5 movers and would drive me crazy.
especially international moves.
when you can take a minute(literally, sometimes that's all you have) just breathe.
remember to relax your shoulders, relax your jaw muscles and breathe.
and try to remember that it's exciting too. ;)
hugs mouse!!

Diary of Daisy said...

Gosh mouse I commend your bravery!

mostly mouse said...

It is nice of the pta, isn't it? Most of their summer things (sports, activities) will be finished by the time we're settled, (school begins earlier too), but it's nice they're keeping us in the loop.

Also they'll put us in touch with some kids, similar in age, so that'll help too.


mostly mouse said...

it's hard...moving just sucks. ;)


mostly mouse said...


Awesome advice, hadn't realized how much stress mouse holds in her jaw! You've made her aware of how much she clenches. Which is very bad.

Excellent advice as always...
Big hug,

mostly mouse said...

Not brave -- insane is more like it. 😜