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Monday, May 23, 2016

Closer Still

Work is finished, well nearly so, just one final meeting today. The project mouse was working on is complete and there's no point in beginning a new one that she won't be finishing, so that's about all there is. The time line has needed some tweaking, to accommodate all involved but it seems the house will be finished a week early -- of course that can change to two weeks late in a heartbeat. Also, a scheduling snafu with the piano moving company...

They arrive a full week ahead of the planned day. Sigh. Which means, the piano will arrive a week before we do. Well, no. We've adjusted things so now we arrive the same day. Meanwhile we are looking at what we must bring and what will be packed.

Really mouse is learning to just "go with it".

The new mantra is, "it will all work out" and she's been repeating it under her breath frequently.

Daddy has kept mouse's bottom painfully sore lately, which oddly provides her with a whole lot of comfort and keeps her focused on her tasks.

This week will be the time to get the vehicle serviced, get the animals to the vet. Daddy began packing up his study, and moving unimportant things. He will be staying with his mom, who is happy to have the company and not feel so lonely between her trips. The study furniture will be going with us, because it's too large for the smaller den-like room he'll have. The large wardrobe will go into our bedroom to provide a bit more closet space and his desk, we're pretty sure will fit in the new addition part (a small room just off the master bedroom separated by French doors). One way or another mouse will make it work.

In many ways mouse would love nothing more to just fast forward through all this and wake up at the lake (with everything unpacked and settled). Other parts of her wants to scream are we crazy and stop the whole thing. We got the little one's room mostly packed (opening the boxes of toys and books will probably feel like Christmas). The kitchen is planned for next week, leaving just what really need.

We have just about 4 weeks to go.



  1. Sounds like a lot to deal with. I hate moving too. Heck I hate ANY change. You sound like you're dealing well tho. Good luck with the next 4 weeks!

  2. Love your new mantra Mouse, it will work out and you got this. Don't blame you wanting to wake up and be all moved in and finished, moving is so stressful. Wishing you the best for the next 4 weeks.


  3. Good luck for the next 4 weeks. Hope everything goes smoothly for your move.
    Hugs Lindy

  4. good luck mouse(and Omega & family)

    just remember to breathe.

  5. It *will* work out fine! I just went through this not so long ago... I feel your pain ;-) Just think, future mouse is already enjoying her new digs :) Lovely to see you are still blogging, btw!


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