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Monday, May 16, 2016

Complicated mouse

Yes, we're just plugging along with the plan, packing things and working slowly toward our ultimate goal. We're already mid May, in just a month and a half we'll be packing up the family stuff and starting the adventure. At the moment, although the excitement is huge, mouse feels as raw and exposed as a rock layer, compacted and weathered by the elements. Not hardened, but brittle and easily broken.

All and all, Daddy is very quick to remind mouse, things are going very well.

Last night as mouse packed away and realized we're still bringing too much, so all the other boxes were opened and more things donated to charity. The biggest problem, while we are going to be gaining a bit of square footage in the remodel, it's still less than what we have now. Can you say significant downsize?

Still, it hasn't been all work and no play, in fact, play for Daddy and mouse has actually gone up a little -- if you can imagine that. The other night, he placed some alligator clamps behind the nipple ring, then filled mouse's bottom with the medium-large plug. It was a bit bigger than she's used to wearing, but got her in the right frame of mind. After slapping various body parts to his liking he took mouse from behind for a nice deep screw with the plug still in place. We don't play often with double penetration, and it took a while for mouse to settle and relax into the sensation. The pain of the nipple clamps, coupled with that full feeling seemed to build more than usual excitement in mouse.

After, we remained in bed for a while, mouse was quite happy, and her whole body seemed to respond to his touch. Removing the clamps though was a huge ouch, with the nipple rings attached, as the blood returned made the nipples just tingle in the most dastardly delicious way. A nice handprint size red mark was on her breasts from where he squeezed. There's something about seeing the marks after. Still today her area down there is sore, but not as bad as yesterday.

Overall, mouse is doing a little better at expressing her fears, or other issues to Daddy, and has settled nicely into a routine that works. Daddy has taken mouse more in hand, letting her know in no uncertain terms when she steps out of line. While some days are better than others (it feels like she does or says nothing right).

Next week more things change, last week of work for mouse. We're selling some extra furniture and more trips to charity with bags. Practical things too, like getting the vehicles serviced before the big, last drive. Daddy has forbidden anything new being purchased, he said, it can wait until we move to see what we really might need.

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  1. Hi Mouse, glad to hear things are going well with organising the move and it's wonderful that you are doing better at sharing your fears with Omega.

    Yay for more play too! It's great that you are able to make more time for each other. It must be a crazy time for you both with organising the move.



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