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Monday, June 6, 2016

Give Peace a Chance

Here we are, most things are in boxes, which makes everything somewhat a challenge. Next week we begin packing for the drive, we decided to bring a small television and DVD player. Clothing, toiletries and things we can't or won't trust the movers to move (like mouse's holiday dishes and tree ornaments). They'd have to be repacked into other boxes, and honestly mouse doesn't want to do that. Also there's cleaning supplies that the movers won't take and mouse will need those when we move.

All other things are more or less ready to go. What's left in the kitchen will be packed by the movers.

Daddy took care of the trailer and will hook it up to the SUV, while mouse will follow in the other car. Guess that's news, we bought a car...a new Prius is sitting in the driveway. It will be mouse's running around car (Daddy's isn't very fond of it, and made a clown car comment as he struggled to get out).

Admittedly, we have argued more than we ever have, and it's damn hard for mouse to keep a smile on her face, but she's trying. The renovations on the lake house are almost complete, the new windows were finally installed last week. They're the European style that can open into the house, or like a more traditional window. It'll be nice when it rains, so we don't feel so closed in.

They also look really nice too. Now the contractors want mouse to nail down the paint colors which is very difficult at a distance. The new flooring isn't too light or very dark, somewhere in the middle. There's a sample somewhere, but mouse is afraid it may have been packed. They sent a selection of paint swatches to choose from, but without physically being there, it's difficult. Daddy said it needs to be done, if mouse can't decide, he will and we all know what that means...


  1. Keep breathing. Hug!

    P.S. Love the windows.

  2. It will all come together. I'm happy for you and the house!

  3. Those windows are very versatile. They were common where I lived in Germany, but rarer in the UK. choosing paint colours is a challenge. I see a multitude of shades, P reckons there are only 5 colours.
    Pat yourself on your back, you're doing fab.
    hugs DF

    1. There are colors beyond white and perhaps gray?


  4. Love the windows. BIKSS isn't great with colours too. He thinks in neutrals. Black, white, beige, gray. And when I ask for an actual colour he says Blue.

    So, um, good luck with choosing - it CAN be tough just using swatches and imagining what it'll look like. When I moved into my apartment I spent two days repainting my accent walls in the bedrooms cos the original colour I picked turned out disastrous. :(

  5. Euro windows! I am in the process of trying to get them installed... they are standard here (in Europe, lol) but I live in a historical building and I will have to bribe someone to give me permission to install them... that is how much I want them in my new flat ;-) Sorry to hear about the other stress... but those windows would have me beaming! :)


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