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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Just Like Bees

We have been busy with the daily coming and goings of a busy family. There hasn't been much time for writing or blogging but mouse has been keeping a private journal where she's been dutifully keeping her thoughts. Master felt it was appropriate to punish mouse twice for infractions against his wishes. He won't tolerate disobedience from mouse and why should he? Almost counterintuitively, mouse finds herself far more settled and at ease in her skin. 

We have also had fun, kinky fun and some truly laughing fun, we joined Lucy and Schroeder one evening and Lucy brought out Cards Against Humanity and while both of us have heard of the game, we had never played it. It was terrible raunchy fun. It felt as though we hadn't laughed in ages and felt wonderful to let go of all our mental baggage. Especially for Master who mouse swears, carries the weight of the world on his shoulders at times and wishes to become of better use to him. 

Lucy, who still has her Facebook, sent mouse a link to something she found interesting, about a woman who let her husband pick out her clothing for a week. Now, Lucy is well aware that mouse's clothing options are totally decided by Master so she thought mouse would find the article interesting. It didn't disappoint, because men do have a different way of looking at things. Many times Master has chosen two outfits for mouse, one extremely casual because he knows that she'll be running errands and cleaning house, but a second selection for the evening that's just for him, which is usually a bit more sexy. He prefers that mouse remain barefooted in the house, which isn't a problem unless it's cold, then he doesn't mind if mouse wears a foot covering of some sort.  It's a pity the woman in the article didn't continue the practice after the week was up, but it seems she learned something about herself and her husband so it's all good in the end.

Last night, Master wanted a cup of tea so mouse heated the water and put together the nice tea service that was inherited from his family. Carefully mouse carried the tray into his study and knelt beside the chaise lounge to fix his perfect cup of tea for him. He remarked later he found it deeply sexy the way mouse did it. It gave mouse that jolt of happiness knowing that she'd pleased him and he enjoyed the perfect cup of tea.

It's a million little things that will propel mouse to please him, whether it's a sexy dress he wishes mouse to wear, or shoes he prefers she didn't wear, or making a special meal that she just knows that he will enjoy. The happier she is in her slavery to him, the happier and more settled everyone is around us. That is the part most telling, daily interactions are much more pleasing. Smiles, immediately put others at ease and they're not fake, but genuine, which could be why they work.

Later last night Master helped mouse undress, well, he undressed her slowly and kissed her neck, which always sends shivers to her sex, and then bent her over to take her in the rear. After he slipped the large plug into her to hold in his seed. In bed, when he gave permission for mouse to enter it, we snuggled between the sheets. His body using mouse's as almost one might use a body pillow, how that used to annoy her, but now she's grown used to feeling his weight on her. It's comforting. His scent fills her and she feels useful, even as he sleeps. 


  1. Hi Mouse, this made me smile, sounds as though all is you both want it to be :) Glad you having been having fun, both kinky and otherwise. Thank you for sharing the article, it is interesting how men see things differently. The little things really aren't so little after all.


  2. i read that article too! it IS interesting to see how men pick out sound like you're in a good place :)


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